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Welcome to FX Promo

Congratulations for making the right decision by choosing FX Promo. Most individuals seek a short-term investment policy with forex, online investments and crowd-funding with best results in a short period. Some people wish to make their money grow by retaining it in banks of keeping it under covers. In order to make your finances mint more cash, you may turn towards investing in simple forex trading, crowd-funding and profitable black-rock projects with our quality services. MFX Promo provides ground-breaking financial solutions for people with diverse budgets and varying levels of investible assets for superior expansion.

Striking the Right Tune with Forex Trading

The universal degree of trading is very different as compared to previous times. Foreign exchange has inflated and is reaching new summits every day. The liquidity of forex trading is among the highest in the country and FX Promo has the best investment plans for you. High chances of profits, low cost of investment and worldwide acceptance are some of the attributes of forex trading. We also have a host of forex tools that you can evaluate and ascertain before implementing them in your investment plan.

High Returns with Online Investments

MP Invest has the most profitable systems for you with diverse online investment plans. Our benefactors that consist of shareholders, independent investors and even government agencies have enjoyed and continue to reap the benefits of online investments thorough out portfolio. Our dedicated teams of experts offer a helping hand for you to choose the appropriate investment plan that denotes rapid release of returns for the online market. You may additionally choose from a range of services that we encompass at FX Promo.

Investment Plans


34% / Hourly

For 5 Hours

min. - $10 max. - $500000

Principal Included



58% / Hourly

For 5 Hours

min. - $50 max. - $500000

Principal Back



116% / HOURLY

For 5 Hours

min. - $100 max. - $500000

Principal Back

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